Winner European Product Design Award 2022
Concept Design Project
In 2019, teenagers spent an average of 7 hours and 22 minutes per day in front of a screen. And now, the metaverse proposes an immersive digital world without limits.

What if the time we spend in the digital world depended on the time we spend outside?

What if our digital avatar also got tired and we had to let it rest?
Portalverse is a mixed reality system to gamify health. You can create a digital version of yourself in a personalised avatar. When you get home, you will synchronise the data collected by your smartwatch by touching the portal mirror to update the health of your avatar.
By using the VR Portal headset different video games will be available to play through your avatar, and its performance in the game will depend on your fitness level and your health. Even your avatar will need breaks and rest!
Exercise in your daily life in order to improve in the game using training programmes at home (with the Portal smart mirror) or outdoors using your smartwatch.

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