Imagine you are a forest firefighter. Your team receives an urgent call, an entire forest is burning. You rush to start fighting the fire and assisting possible victims. Families have to be evacuated and the fire is spreading through the woods. All your teammates work tirelessly. Night falls, and you must sleep in the field to continue working tomorrow. 

You are exhausted. You can’t light a small fire to heat your food otherwise you risk making the situation worse
In our Design Research, we discovered that not being able to have a warm meal at the end of the day to comfort the firefighters was a major pain point.​​​​​​​
“After such a hard day and having to sleep close to the fire, it’s hard not to be able to comfort yourself with a warm meal.”  Omar, Forest firefighter.
Oya! is a reusable container to heat up food at any time, in any situation, and in any place, only using water.

The Oya! set includes four components: Spoon, a Food Portion can, Heating Pod, and the Oya! Container.
To start heating up the food: ‍add a splash of water to the base of the Oya! container and reassemble the set. Oya! will expand due to the chemical reaction of the heating pod. This allows the user to be notified when the food is already warm.
Rapid prototyping, injection moulding of silicone in a 3D printed plastic mold.
Other uses: outdoor and adventure.
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