B.E. Human toolkit - Helping People make better financial decisions
2019 - Toolkit design and workshops facilitation
Uncommon Design Strategy

For decades, a group of social scientists has demonstrated that, when making decisions in our personal finances, we do not evaluate all available options or choose rationally. In fact, the opposite is true: we are not aware that we make most of our decisions in a biased and irrational way. Behavioural Economics is the field of research in psychology that studies how we make choices that influence our economy.

Can we help people overcome bias and make the best choice? According to Richard Thaler, Nobel laureate in economics and one of the fathers of Behavioral Economics, it is possible to build a decision architecture that improves people's lives by designing more user-friendly environments. "Many of the most successful companies have helped people, or succeeded in the marketplace, precisely for that reason."

In this Toolkit we will analyse different strategies that financial services can follow to be aligned with people's behaviour and we will present tools to redesign critical decision moments.
An Uncommon process: Strategic Design + Behavioural Economics = Behavioural Design.

With the B.E. HUMAN - Behavioral Economics Toolkit, we run a Design process to map the experience and behaviors of people in a given service. We redesign and prototype critical decision moments and pain points by applying the principles and theory of Behavioral Economics.
Toolkit materials:
This toolkit was presented and used in several workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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You can download the toolkit for free from the official Uncommon website:

Only available in Spanish.
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